Mighty Good is a boutique branding agency for companies and organizations that define their success by the positive impact they make on the world. 

We believe that good is a good start. But good work needs a great brand to scale. It needs a brand with as much courage, originality, smarts and heart as the people behind it.

It needs might. 

That’s where we come in. We help our clients find an identity that is both authentic to who they are, and resonant with the people their success depends on. The people they need to purchase or click. To write or rage or rejoice. The people they need to realize the world they want.

Impact. It’s the difference between a brand for good, and a mighty good brand.

Let’s get working on yours.

Our Team

Aimee Freund

Aimee Freund has nearly twenty years of experience in writing, creative, and brand strategy, and has worked across a wide spectrum of social issues. Mighty Good’s main scribe, Aimee loves the process of untangling complex organizations to help them find a brand story that achieves both simplicity and goosebumps.

John Gundlach

John Gundlach is an award-winning creative director, brand strategist and pioneer of social impact branding. With more than 25 years in the field, he’s a leader in the social impact space. John is committed to the power of simplicity and humanity in connecting organizations with their audiences, and clients with their best selves.

Nicole Harburger

Nicole Harburger brings decades of experience directing award-winning, social impact campaigns. With her keen strategic sensibilities, Nicole creates brands that drive engagement, growth, and impact. Whether advising mission-driven startups or foundations on a mission, Nicole develops brands that inspire.

Our Services

Brand Strategy

Audience Research
Landscape Analysis
Strategy Workshops
Brand Workshops
Brand Architecture Brand Positioning 

Brand Creation

Values & Voice
Narrative & Messaging
Logo & Visual Identity

Brand Activation

Brand Guides
Collateral Design
Promotional Design
Brand Coaching
Brand Training
Brand Activation Plans
Website Counsel

Trusted by


Matt Kaplan

Scribl & PeaceLove CEO and Co-Founder

Partnering with Mighty Good was game-changing and rewarding beyond my wildest dreams. Together we reimagined our work, our modality, and our brand. The process was transformational on every level. Through the creation of Scribl, we shattered the ceiling on the level of impact we are capable of achieving as an organization.

Bill Smith

Founder, Inseparable

For so long, the mental health community has struggled to find the language we need to take us where we want to go. With Inseparable, we got to the core of it. Simply. Effectively. Powerfully.

Heather Reynolds

Managing Director, LEO

Our relationship with Mighty Good has been a game changer for LEO. They helped us define our values, find our voice, and build a brand without losing sight of any of the diverse people who are so crucial to our mission to end poverty and help families across America thrive. They are really something special, approaching their work with a deep commitment to develop a knock-out brand for you.

Antonio "AJ" Gutierrez


We are proud of the new brand we’ve built together at Saga with the support of Mighty Good. It is a powerful reflection of who we are and what we stand for -- something we’ve long known but not always expressed with such clarity.

James Fogarty


Mighty Good took great care to deeply understand the dynamics of our organization and its position in the community landscape. They listened deeply, provided exceptional feedback, and created something beautiful that captured our hopes for the future of the organization. I cannot recommend them enough, and I'm so grateful we were able to work together.

As a member of the small-business community, we are committed to taking anti-racist action and doing all we can to fuel the success of BIPOC-owned small businesses. We contract with and directly refer our clients to talented BIPOC-owned small businesses specializing in PR, videography, web development, and more. And we donate to organizations working to dismantle racist systems.