Representing the Whole Drug Store

CHPA had long been known as the association that represents responsible manufacturers of over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. Yet as consumers increasingly engaged in more and varied modes of self-care, CHPA’s member companies had evolved to meet the growing demand for dietary supplements and consumer medical devices. The Association had evolved as well. With a brand that hadn’t been updated in more than two decades, CHPA needed a fresh brand strategy. One to help CHPA demonstrate that, along with its members, the Association too had changed to represent the rapidly expanding suite of products Americans increasingly encounter in their drug store aisles.

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People at the Core

Despite having the word “Consumer” in its name, the Association’s messaging wasn’t representing its dedication to consumers as strongly as it could. The brand needed to better outwardly express its vision of helping everyday people pursue happier, healthier lives through responsible self-care. While previous positioning framed CHPA as the leading voice advocating for the OTC industry, the new positioning framed the Association as the leading voice for the entire self-care industry. The new tagline - “Taking healthcare personally” - communicates the Association's and the industry’s commitment to empower consumer self-care by preserving and expanding the choice and availability of consumer healthcare products.

A More Modern Look

The more consumer-centric orientation expanded beyond brand messaging to CHPA’s new visual identity as well. While it was critical for the Association’s sophistication and credibility to shine through in the new system, it also needed to feel forward-looking and deeply human. The new visual identity system employs a splash of bright color, modern design and warm, inviting imagery to convey innovation and humanity, helping give the association a bold and attractive platform to share messages and help advance objectives.

The refreshed CHPA brand launched in June of 2020. By the end of the year, CHPA had successfully recruited several new member companies from the dietary supplements and consumer medical device arenas. In addition, since launch, both CHPA’s website traffic and its social media following have increased significantly. 

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-- Allegra Bartscherer, Marketing Communications Director, CHPA