Health in Hand

A clear opportunity

For years, the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) Educational Foundation has worked to ensure safe use of the countless products that line our pharmacy aisles, from over-the-counter medicines to dietary supplements and consumer medical devices. As the COVID-19 pandemic swept the nation in 2020, the value and necessity of these everyday products had never been more clear. At the same time, an ever-growing array of products meant consumers needed simpler language and tools to take charge of their self-care decisions with greater ease and confidence.

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Wider lens. Simpler language.

In 2022, the Foundation initially engaged Mighty Good to rebrand its consumer-facing campaign and website, KnowYourOTCs. Not only did the campaign’s language need to become more accessible to support renewed outreach goals, it needed to more fully represent the breadth of products consumers were encountering at pharmacies, which included dietary supplements and consumer medical devices. This meant KnowYourOTCs needed a new voice and a new name. Mighty Good got to work, generating the new campaign name, “Health in Hand,” an entirely new visual identity, and a refreshed brand story that offered consumers simple, empowering language. 

Confidence, in the palm of your hand

Through clean presentation of content, warm colors, and friendly, relatable portraits of individuals, the Health in Hand visual identity is grounded in approachability. The logo mark employs a heart to symbolize health, and its careful placement within the hand shape evokes confidence and seamless interaction. Both the mark and the font are designed to be accessible, with bold and clear visual structure. 

A range of designs for a range of products

To represent the wide range of self-care products, the visual identity system employs a dynamic and colorful series of icons. Through different combinations of this iconography, the design system can highlight one product at a time, or, as it does through eye-catching animation on digital platforms, represent the full and ever growing range.

Though Mighty Good set out to create an identity for the Foundation’s campaign, the process revealed a brand that was deeply tied to the Foundation’s core purpose: empowerment. As a result, Foundation leadership decided to adopt the name for the organization itself: The Health In Hand Foundation.

“Mighty Good’s brand process helped us connect to the heart of our organization. It brought together our leadership, staff, donors, and partners around a shared brand that evoked an emotional connection we didn’t have before. Mighty Good also brought Health In Hand to life, making a colorful and purposeful brand that empowers consumers to safely choose and use self-care products with confidence.”

– Mary Leonard, Executive Director, Health In Hand Foundation