Virtually Unstoppable

In 2019, emotional wellness non-profit, PeaceLove, was poised for growth. A number of philanthropic investors and partners were interested in expanding PeaceLove’s popular community-based workshop program, which helped people attend to their emotional wellbeing through custom-designed expressive arts exercises. 

Then, in 2020, COVID-19 struck. And as the need for mental health support surged across the county, many practitioners found themselves unable to deliver it in-person. Driven to help, PeaceLove immediately pivoted their well-respected in-person classes to a virtual format. Raising awareness about their virtual product would require marketing directly to employers and consumers, and the organization knew doing this well would require taking a fresh look at their brand. 

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Landscape Analysis Values, Voice & Narrative Collateral & Promotional Design
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Brand Architecture Logo & Visual Identity
Brand Positioning

For Human Beings with Human Feelings

Aligned around the singular goal of making sure that anyone who could benefit from engaging in their activities would see the updated brand as for them, the PeaceLove team entered the branding process committed to embracing any change that would ultimately help more people feel better. 

Through a series of in-depth-interviews, Mighty Good uncovered that, thanks to the nature of their modality, the organization did hold the power to connect with an unusually broad array of audiences, many of whom were not yet engaging in emotional self-care. What participants love about PeaceLove’s modality is that, unlike most other forms of emotional self-care, the approach is fun and easy. In fact, as many participants shared, it’s not about creating art at all. The magic happens in the making. 

Painting A Clearer Picture

While the organization’s co-founder, Jeff Sparr, was able to masterfully capture audience interest with his candid personal story of mental health struggles and breakthroughs, the organization’s team and core backers shared that they sometimes found it challenging to clearly articulate what their modality is and how it’s different from other forms of emotional self-care.

Inspired by our conversations with front-line facilitators of PeaceLove’s workshops, Mighty Good penned this description of the secret sauce: “simple creative activities to help get out what you’re feeling, even if you have no idea what it is yet.” And the even simpler tagline: “Make stuff, feel better.”

A New Brand for a New World

With a fresh research-informed strategy, the organization launched a new, consumer-focused brand. Grounded in the concepts of fun, ease and approachability, Scribl was born. With a deliberately mis-spelled name, and unfailingly casual brand voice, Scribl seeks to continually communicate that its classes are not about an artful outcome, but rather a joyful journey. And that if you are a human being with human feelings, this is a brand for you.

Perfectly Imperfect

The Scribl visual identity system is designed to both celebrate the imperfection of human feelings, and the peace of mind that results from engaging with Scribl. To that end, the system consistently balances joyfully chaotic, colorful collage with a clean, simple logo, and can dial up or down the balance between chaos and calm to reflect a full spectrum of human emotion.

A Platform for Feeling Better

Launched in 2021 with the support of Johnson & Johnson, today is helping rapidly growing numbers of individuals feel better, offering live and on-demand videos and kits to both individual and corporate customers.  

“The past two years presented unimaginable challenges to the communities we serve as well as our own organization. With all epic challenges come epic opportunities. Enter Mighty Good. Partnering with Nicole, Aimee, and John was game-changing and rewarding beyond my wildest dreams. Together we reimagined our work, our modality, and our brand. The process was transformational on every level. Through the creation of Scribl, we shattered the ceiling on the level of impact we are capable of achieving as an organization. Thanks to Mighty Good we are uniquely positioned to help millions find peace in their minds and lives. I will always cherish this experience and our friendship.”

-- Matt Kaplan, Scribl & PeaceLove CEO and Co-Founder